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TASTEOLOGY is a new Sydney based brand which develops artisan salts, spices and oils made from natural ingredients. The 
salts are crafted with a base of Great Barrier Reef salt, harvested in Queensland. At TASTEOLOGY attention is given to the ingredients as well as the aesthetic presentation, giving you products that don’t only taste good, but also look great on your kitchen benchtop. 

All of the salts and salt mixes are 100% natural and no preservatives or additives have been incorporated into the mix. Unlike other flavoured salts that may use artificial flavouring oils, the taste you get from TASTEOLOGY salts come straight from the herbs used and are completely natural. 

The Sea Salt is ethically sourced from the Great Barrier Reef. This salt has not been pumped, refined or gone through any process to achieve the end result. Naturally dried, and shattered by a manual process.