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Designer eye appliances - Optical Grade Readers that don’t suck.

Brand new to T.A.G. in 2019

Beautifully designed high quality audio products. 

Brand new to T.A.G. in 2019

Original fine Australian design - ceramics & glassware.

New to T.A.G. in 2018

Artisan salts, spices, and oils made from natural ingredients.

New to T.A.G. in 2018

Simply beautiful homewares.

Represented by T.A.G. since 2007

Original, awarded, desirable, collectable, transformative, contemporary artwork

Contemporary, stylish & a little eclectic, the source of beautiful homewares.

Represented by T.A.G since 2000

Candle & soap maker based in Sydney, Australia.

French perfume importer.

Represented by T.A.G. since 2016

Range of high quality kitchenware sourced internationally.

Represented by T.A.G. since 2015

The world's best kitchen tools.

Designed in Australia and distributed around the world.

Represented by T.A.G. since 2017

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