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We are very happy to announce the latest addition to our showroom, Oceania Trade Link (OTL). OTL has been supplying quality kitchenware products since 2004. Their extensive range covers the classics such as Kyocera ceramic knives and the beautiful Laguiole ranges, to the latest award winning products from brands such as Dalla Piazza from Italy, Betty Bossi and Moha from Switzerland, and their very own brand Icon Chef. The range will be on show in our showroom from this week. Contact us for a catalogue and pricelist.

Kyocera's range covers knives, to peelers, to slicers. Using ceramic blades makes them resistant to rust, wear, acids, and alkali.

You know the range. From cheese knives to tableware sets, the cutlery is handcrafted in France from a trademark family company that has been producing for over three generations. Each piece features the trademark Laguiole bee, and are made of quality stainless steel and coloured resin.

OTL's in house brand, bringing a range of products that include the Lunch Buddy insulated lunch bags, Flexiblock knife block, and the amazing Veggie Stix which cuts perfect julienne veggie sticks and cubes every time.

Switzerland's leader in kitchenware since 1955, we have the award winning Salt/Pepper Mill, and Kitchen Scissors.

Kitchenware out of Switzerland, of quality and innovativation. Range includes citrus juicers, graters, cheese mills, peelers and more.

Handmade knives from Italy that includes the Primitive Stainless Steel Kitchen Knife shown above.

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